The website Mais Ciência, Melhor Sociedade displays information about the scientific employment funding attributed by the FCT in Portugal. This funding is aligned with the policy strategy for the next decade – addressing the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals – and it will have a special impact on the execution of the 14 Portuguese Thematic Agendas for Research and Innovation.

Contracts are established between researchers and institution and funded by FCT – some calls are still ongoing.

The information is organized in four different areas – it is possible to browse by Institution, Scientific Area, Type of Funding or Sustainable Development Goal.

It is also possible to search directly for any specific term, or combination of different terms – our search engine retrieves data based on any of the following:

For the time being, this website gathers information on two initiatives of the Scientific Employment Stimulus Programmme: the CEEC Individual Call 2017 (results after evaluation) and the 2017 call for R&D projects (ongoing projects) through which scientific employment contracts will also be funded. In time, the contracts funded through other initiatives within the framework of the Scientific Employment Stimulus Programme – namely the Institutional Call and the transitional rule of the scientific employment law (DL57/2016) - will also be listed.

The information on this website will be regularly updated and further features will be added – including more data on other types of funding attributed to researchers and scientific projects in Portugal. Your feedback, insights and improvement suggestions are most welcomed. Please contact us on: maisciencia@fct.pt